Global coronavirus cases rise by one-day record of 400,000

Maan and Kavya B by Anurag

(Reuters) – For the first time on Friday the number of cases of global coronavirus grew by more than 400,000, which was a record rise of one day.

Europe has become a modern coronavirus epicentre, successfully disrupting the first epidemic of infections in the past weeks, and in the past week on average estimates of 140,000 cases each.

Europe, as a country, records more every day than the United States, together with India and Brazil.

According to a Reuters study, 34 of every 100 infections recorded worldwide come from Europe.

A million new infections are currently recorded in the area every nine days and over 6.3 million have been recorded since the pandemic started.

According to an analysis from Reuters, about half of Europe's new cases were registered in major European countries — UK, France , Russia, the Netherlands and Spain — between October 18 and across the week.

In Europe, France records the largest total of seven days of fresh cases of 19,425 infections daily and in the worst hit European countries with the United Kingdom, Russia , Spain and the Netherlands.

Many European countries shut colleges, remove opt-outs and enlist student doctors in the face of a revival in COVID-19.

Russia transfers pupils to online study, and Northern Ireland shuts two-week schools and four-week restaurants.

In Spain, Catalonia authorities directed bars and dining establishments to shut down for 15 days and reduced the number of individuals authorized to go shopping.

In the Czech Republic, colleges were switched to distance learning and thousands of medical students were called upon.

Hospitals use non-urgent services to open up beds.

Polish health authorities have warned that Poland is on the edge of catastrophe as 6,526 new coronaviral infections have been reported and 116 deaths have been reported this week.

Poland is growing nursing school and aims to set up military field hospitals.

According to a Reuters report, Latin America is the worst-affected area with about 27 % of the total 19 cases of COVID, led by Asia, Northern America and Europe.

According to Reuters research, India reports less cases this month than September, with 69,000 cases a day.

In the last three weeks, the amount decreased by more than 20,400, down by 22 percent.

On October 13, India has recorded 55.342, its daily growth being its lowest since August 18.

New diseases, along with the most hospitalized COVID-19 patients since the beginning of September, are rising in the USA, which has the highest number of cases and deaths in the nation.

The attempts to develop the snags of the vaccine reached Johnson & Johnson < JNJ.N > with a research subject pausing during an unknown disease.

For more than a month, the U.S. trial of AstraZeneca stayed in suspension.

Russia has meanwhile given regulatory approval for a second vaccine, which has reported regular rises in incidents.

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(Bengaluru Anurag Maan and Kavya B reports; Shumaker editing)