U.S. reports 130,000 new coronavirus cases, fourth straight daily record

(Reuters)-On Saturday, the United States recorded a historic fourth consecutive day rises in coronavirus with at least 131 420 new infections, which, according to a count from Reuters, took the overall number of cases in the United States to around 9,91 million.

17 states registered record one-day rises on Saturday as the record amount of hospitalized patients in 14 countries was documented that day.

According to a Reuters survey on Saturday, the number of deaths around the world was over 1,000 on the fifth consecutive day.

Ten US states recorded record regular deaths in Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota , South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming during their first seven days in November so far.

The US records over 100,000 new cases a daily on average over seven days in India and France, two of the worst-affected countries in Asia and Europe, which are higher than the combined average.

The Midwest remains the most hit area in the United States, based on new cases per person per day.

Illinois emerged as the new epicenter in the Midwest, and according to Reuters statistics, the state has registered over 60,000 COVID-19 infections during the last seven days.

The state registered on Saturday, the largest single-day amount so far, more than 12,454 new incidents.

Texas becomes the first state to excede one million coronavirus infections on Saturday, accounting for 10% of the estimated U.S. cases and adding 8,000 cases a day on average over the last seven days.

(Bengaluru report Anurag Maan; Wallis and Cameron-Moore editors) (Bengaluru report)