As U.S. COVID-19 cases break records, weekly deaths rise 3%

(Reuters) – Last week, the amount of new cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. reached a further peak, increasing 18% to over 575,000, while fatalities rose 3 percent according to the Reuters State and County Reports study.

The number of new cases recorded last week has grown for four weeks, with most cases reported within the last two weeks.

In seven days after Nov. 1, about 5,800 citizens perished from the outbreak, a total of more than 230,000.

Health researchers report that fatalities appear to escalate within four and six weeks after an increase in infections.

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In 30 of 50 States new incidents have risen for at least two successive weeks, down from 36 the previous week. In addition , new cases have increased.

Florida, Ohio and Michigan – both of which are fiercely fought for the presidential election on Tuesday – are among them.

In Pennsylvania, another main area, new cases increased 60 percent.

Texas was the newest nation with more than 45,600 incidents last week, led by Illinois with more than half as many individuals with more than 44,500 new cases.

According to data from the COVID Monitoring Initiative, the US administered 8.5 million COVID-19 tests last week and 6.8% of those recorded positive outcomes for the latest virus, relative to 6.3% the previous week, which is a voluntary attempt to detect the epidemic.

The country with the highest positive test percentage was 50 percent South Dakota, followed by 44 percent by Iowa and 43 percent by Wyoming.

A total of 17 countries is over 10 percent optimistic.

The World Health Organisation regards concentrations over 5% because it indicates that further events have not yet been disclosed in the population.

(Lisa Shumaker's writing; Chris Canipe's graphics; Wu's editing)