White House says COVID-19 aid deal seen 'in coming weeks'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — On Tuesday, the White House said that there could be a "weeks' likely compromise on COVID-20 relief, throwing uncertainty as to whether an arrangement with Congress might be achieved before the 3rd November polls, even as cases of the illness swellen.

"We are optimistic that we can have something in the next few weeks," said Alyssah Farah, the White House's spokesperson, during an interview with Fox News, pointing out ongoing disputes over additional State and local funding and direct financial assistance.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Monday that she had the expectation that before the polls an understanding would be found, though major concerns had yet to be dealt with after she had held consultations with the US.

Earlier in the day, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Ever after the US House of Representatives of Democracy approved the last plan in May, both sides have been at odds over the need for further federal stimulus financing for the current pandemic.

Fellow Republicans of President Donald Trump, who lead the United States

Senate, also though Trump called for investment above what Democrats indicated, has challenged another phase of stimulus financing.

Both Pelosi and Trump were blamed for the absence of a final agreement.

The US is seeing a re-emergence in new coronavirus outbreaks, as the Reuters analysis show that 36 of 50 United States states have seen a spike for at least two weeks in a row.

Respiratory illness fatalities in seven states have also more than increased.

(Susan Heavey's report; Doina Chiacu and Mark Heinrich's editors)