Ethiopian PM defends military operations in Tigray region

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Prime Minister Ethiopia has justified military operations against the well-armed region of Tigray by saying it has been 'failed' months patiently to settle conflicts because of the 'criminal hubris and intransigence' of regional leadership.

In a brief statement on Twitter, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Friday claimed that "we have simple, restricted, and feasible goals for military operations — the restoration of the law and constitutional order."

The Tigray area was cut off at the time Abiy declared the military move at the beginning of Wednesday in reaction to the suspected killing of military Tigray units.

On Thursday, both sides made clear announcements.

The military in Ethiopia announced deployment from all over the world to Tigray, with the chief of the Tigray accusing fighter jets bombing parts of the regional capital.

He said, "We are determined to be martyrs.

On both sides, losses were registered.

It is also impossible to validate the version of events on each hand.

Some in the international community encourage mediation, as one of the most strong and populous nations in Africa is close to civil war, and caution that the Horn of Africa is catastrophic and destabilizing.