Asia Today: Indian capital struggles with surge in cases

NEW DELHI (AP) — India has recorded over the past 24 hours 45,674 new Coronavirus infections, with about 7,000 cases a day being coped with in the capital this week.

India is the second highest count of reported cases in the world after the USA, with over 8.5 million.

The Ministry of Health announced on Sunday 559 deaths during the last 24 hours, totalling 126,121 deaths.

After almost 100,000 cases a day in mid-September, India has seen a slow general decline in new cases.

However, despite dipping to almost 1,000 in September, New Delhi 's count still hovers around 7,000 a day.

In the last 24 hours, 79 deaths, the greatest since June, have also been recorded in India.

Minister of Health Satyendar Jain of Delhi said that focused monitoring has also begun in shopping areas and other busy places, apart from vigorous touch recording.

And officials meet residents through way of mobile research vehicles.

In addition to the beginning of winter and high air emissions the government warns that festives may escalate. The government warns that the condition could worsen.

In the Asia-Pacific area more development:

— Victoria is reunited as one nation with removed travel restrictions as successful COVID-19 cases stay simple for Melbourne citizens.

The Prime Minister of Victoria Daniel Andrews said he would abolish Melbourne's "Security Loop" from midnight after the state went nine days without a new case and would eliminate a 25-km (15 km) cap of travel for town citizens.

He promised restaurants as well as bars and clubs will take a major jump in the coming week. Most of them opened again last week though with a table limitation for the outside and the interior of dining rooms. Andrews said Victorians Wi "We know that so many people missed what they enjoy the most, those they need to see, they needed to see badly and for quite a long period of time."

— On Sunday, the Chinese Government announced 28 fresh coronavirus infection confirmations, many of which were patients catching the virus abroad from the National Health Board.

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