8,800 part-time workers in Florida part of Disney layoffs

ORLANDO FL [AP] — Walt Disney World's 28 000 lay-offs in Disney's California and Florida parks would include around 8 800 part-time union employees, union leaders have reported Wednesday.

The inclusion of the syndical workforce to about 6,500 already reported non-union cuts puts more than 15,000 Disney employees in Florida in terms of workplace reduction.

Officials of Disney last week reported that 28 000 employees were fired owing to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Two-thirds of the proposed cuts included part-time employees, varying from wage-earners to operating hours.

Last spring the parks of Disney reopened as the pandemic erupted in the U.S.

This summer Florida parks have reopened, but the California parks have not reopened, as California has been led by the corporation.

The California's "not willing to elevate constraints which will allow Disneyland to be opened up" was compounded by Josh D'Amaro, President of Disney Parks, Experience and Merchandise, in a letter to employees.

With the broad variety of their television and movies, Disney has gathered success but is now struggling to rebound from the pandemic of coronavirus which has affected several of its companies.

It was struck by the shutdown, cruise ships being idled, film launches being delayed and film- and video output being halted for several months.

The Retail Trades Council Union (STU), a group of six labour unions comprising 43,000 Disney World employees, has reported the dismissals of part-time workers.

"It is unfortunate that a staff is laid off and the large cuts that Disney is confronting are really rough for 1000 cast members." "They are unparalleled days," the Service Trades Council Union said in a statement.

The trade union agreements with Disney shall not authorize full-time staff, who are sometimes considered cast members.

In the next two years, laid-off staff will be granted preference as Disney begins recruiting, maintaining seniority and compensation.

In the contract agreement, full-time staff whose jobs are not necessary by the organization will take over.

Yet they will be laid off if they do not support the move.

Those laid-off employees shall be compensated for two months.

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