The game will only be completely optimized for certain platforms in 2021, and Marvel's Avengers will be enjoyed with complete glory in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S later in next year.

The latest update (free for people who purchased the game on PS4 / Xbox One) has previously been confirmed by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix in the holidays.

In a blog post, Scot Amos of Crystal Dynamics Studio head wrote: "To make sure we allow the crew the opportunity to offer a next-generation experience demonstrating everything that this game has to be." You'll always be able, in the form of better frame rates and shorter loading times, to be able to enjoy PS4 or Xbox One variants on their sibling consols.

You will forward your game saving data to the respective older console and proceed to play cooperative missions with mates.

The studio even repels the rollout of Kate Bishop, the first hero after the production.

Later this month, she was expected to bow her.

Fortunately, the wait may not seem that lengthy, but the deadline for its release has not been set.

"We're sorry we're a little late, but first of all we're committed to consistency as a squad," Amos said.

Clint Barton (alias Hawkeye) will shortly also join the line-up, while Spider-Man will be arriving at Marvel's Avengers in the PlayStation edition early next year.

The game will be released next month by the studio.

Amos suggested some progress in the immediate future including a ping-system that enables you to order AI teammates to break doors or target some attackers.

There is also an opportunity to restart the campaign with the level and loadouts of your characters unchanged.

During the last few weeks, Crystal Dynamics introduced more late play material, including different mission styles.

Soon you can even try on the challenges with a short period.

The first Hazard Mission at Omega-Level will reward you with a first-ever exotic fall.

Amos confirmed that the game has had some trouble, but the developers have over the past few weeks fixed "few structural issues that have triggered a string of game crashes or freezing."

The studio works with NVIDIA to also address some problems with PC performance.

To thank you for the hard stuff, Crystal Dynamics provides a variety of digital treats for its players, including enough credit to purchase from the market a legendate skin of their choosing.