Canva acquires background removal specialists Kaleido

Kaleido, producers of an images and video backdrop removal program, were bought from the upcoming Canva web design platform.

While the costs and conditions are not disclosed, it is speculated that almost nine figures have been identified in this young business.

It's the right product, obviously, at the right moment.

In 2019,, a fast, clear, free and good-sufficient background imaging method, was developed by the Kaleido in Vienna.

It has become a success with the many people who have to do this sort of job quickly but don't want to play in Photoshop.

Then late last year they eliminated the unscreen covers, and did the same with video — a task that was conceptually similar, but much harder to fully create and deploy.

The functionality and reliability of the method basically demanded the acquisition and incorporation by Adobe's likes into a broader system, but Canva seems to have punched the others.

Animated illustration that shows a stack of books in the room on the table, but deletes the table and room.

Image Credits: Screenless

The purchase was concurrently announced by Canva: Smartmockup's product mockup generator, signaling a significant product extension by the emerging design firm.

"We completely bootstrapped Kaleido with no investors involved from day one," Benjamin Groessing, co-founder and CEO of Kaleido, said in a press release.

"It has just been two founders and an incredible team. We’ve been profitable from the start — so this acquisition wasn’t essential for our existence. It just made sense on so many levels."

The corporation refused to offer any further purchase information beyond which the brand and logo are supposed to survive—at least Unscreen, and even under another company is completely meaningful as a product name.

German press agencies Die Presse and Der Brutkasten quoted sources which put the purchase "reiht sich dahinter ein" behind it or in the same rank as the biggest Austrian exits (the largest of which was Runtastic at €22M).

The Kaleido team celebrating its purchase - every participant has been added digitally.

Credits Image: Kaleido

Regardless of the precise number, the team appears to have been very pleased.

And don't worry - they put the photo together of each person's own product.

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