Anova's sous vide Precision Cooker is $90 off today at Best Buy

Especially if you have "cooking at home more" in your New Year resolution list, playing with new cooking methods is enjoyable.

You can also get a special kitchen refrigerator, which can lead you to test out new recipes.

The Precision Cooker video of Anova is down to $119 at Best Buy and that number is $80 off standard.

If you sign up for a free My Best Buy account, you can get an extra $10, which takes Precision Cooker down to its all-time low $109 price.

Best Buy Anova Precision Cooker – $109

In the first few years of a lifespan, Precision Cooker is very easy to run and Anova has a host of useful tips and recipes on its website.

You can then set your cooking preferences either via the on-device controls or with WiFi with the smartphone app accompanying you.

The midrange model has a power capacity of 1000W and runs for up to 5000 hours, making it a decent size for home chefs who enjoy often.

The unit is waterproof and steamproof, partly secure, with some detachable components and compact enough to comfortably be kept in a kitchen drawer.

The Precision Cooker standard fell to $150 last summer and was over one year before we saw it dropping to that low point.

This one-day sale makes it much better than the $129 Anova Precision Cooker Nano, a 750W unit that communicates over Bluetooth rather than over WiFi.

If you are new to video, please review our guide to smart video cooking for tips and accessories to purchase.

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