Acumen nabs $7M seed to keep engineering teams on track

Technical departments face serious difficulties when it comes to maintaining deadlines and keeping schedules on schedules can affect the whole company.

Acumen reported today that an Israeli engineering firm has announced seed investment of $7 million to help address this issue.

Hetz, 10D, Crescendo and Jibe took part in the round to provide the startup with capital for more product growth and promotion.

The organization, which has worked nearly a year with beta customers, revealed today that it emerged from stealth.

As an accomplished founding company, Acumen CEO and co-founder Nevo Alva saw technical teams fail as they evolve because they lack details and appreciate how the teams work.

He and his co-founders began Acumen in order to offer businesses the lack of exposure.

"As engineering teams scale, they face challenges due to a lack of visibility into what's going on in the team. Suddenly prioritizing our tasks becomes much harder. We experience interdependencies [that have an impact on the schedule] every day," explained Alva.

He says that this is mirrored in a decline in efficiency and speed and, eventually, missing deadlines that affect the whole business.

Acumen gathers data from a number of planning and collaboration tools that the technical departments use to coordinate their diverse tasks.

It then uses machine learning to classify potentially difficult challenges and displays this information in a personalized dashboard.

Harness begins continuous insights to assess the performance of the tech team

The method is designed for engineering team leaders who are tasked with finishing their separate tasks on schedule to help them grasp future bottlenecks.

The machine learning algorithms in the app can over time learn what conditions trigger problems and recommend solutions to avoid them from being big issues.

The company was founded in July 2019 and the founders collaborated with a dozen design collaborators for the first ten months to develop the first version of the device so that it could fit up to several standard bodies such as SOC-2.

Since last year, it has been in private beta closed and will be published publicly this week.

Acumen now has 20 staff planning to hire another 10 by the end of the year.

After working remotely more in 2020, Alva says that when it comes to recruiting, the place is not really relevant.

"It definitely becomes less and less important where they are. I think time zones still are still a consideration when speaking of remote," he said.

In reality, they currently have 20 employees in Israel, the United States and Eastern Europe.

He understands that workers may feel lonely working on their own, so the organization has video sessions every day and just talks about non-work topics as a means of keeping connected.

Starting today, Acumen will earnestly launch its business campaign.

Alva acknowledges that there are competitive goods like Harness and Pinpoint, but claims that using data and machine learning by his organization genuinely helps to distinguish it.

Pinpoint releases the dashboard to make digital engineering available.