Trump is urged to intervene in trial of US-Saudi national

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP)—A U.S. resident, also a Saudi national, is to be prosecuted by the anti-terrorist tribunal in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, in a case that will build more complications in the still unpleasant partnership between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

The Salah al-Haidar situation, which has been in custody in Saudi Arabia since April 2019, has drawn the interest of Congress members who are demanding the release of President Donald Trump himself.

Al-Haidar, who has a Vienna family house, Virginia, is in jail from 8 and 33 years for Twitter suspected tweets that condemn the Government of Saudi Arabia according to people who know his case and a US official who knows the case and who has decided on anonymous communication with The Associated Press. The Associated Press.

His mother is a famous Saudi activist for women's rights, Aziza al-Yousef, who is on prosecution for her activist's allegations, including pushing the freedom to drive until the women's ban was levied in the middle of 2018.

Al-Yousef was released from jail a week before her son was detained. A grandma and longtime lecturer at the University.

She and others told the criminal court in Saudi Arabia they were tortured, with waterboards, canes pounded and electrocutions during the interrogations.

While permanent citizenship in the U.S., she was not permitted to leave the country.

In the presence of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who continues to face condemnation of the killing of Saudi critics Jamal Khashoggi inside the Istanbul Consulate by the end of 2018, awareness of government critics has worsened.

The jail terms of feminist feminists, and others in Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia have been strongly criticized by Legislative officials, the British Parliament and others after Khashoggi 's assassination.

The United States were pressured by members of a contingent of the Conference in Virginia, including al Haidar's immediate relatives.

The U.S. official said that the Department of State will send employees to track his prosecution to the degree allowed by the Saudis to maintain accountability.

The Senator Virginia Tim Kaine, Democrats in the Middle East Sub-Commission on International Relations, and Democratic Congressman Gerald E. Connolly on the Middle East Committee and his Sub-Committee on Foreign Affairs, requested Trump Wednesday to lift the situation on al-Haidar "at the highest stage" in the government of Saudi Arabia.

They said that they felt that his detention was a concerted attempt against the family owing to their dedication to social justice.

"We urge you to ensure Mr al-Haidar 's unconditional and immediate release and encourage his return to America, and that of Mrs al-Yousef.

We are also encouraging you to do the same in support of the claims of a nonviolent dissent among all those U.S. residents being kept in Saudi jails, "the members of Virginia said in a letter to Princes Reema Bint Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S.

A request for comments on the case was not immediately addressed by the Saudi Embassy to Washington, Washington.

It is infamous for its closed existence that the specialist criminal courts in Riyadh preside over his appeal.

The Court used the "tool of violence" to jail democratic dissidents, leftists, writers, Shiite priests and minorities, including some people sentenced to death and executions, according to a 53 page study published by Amnesty International in earlier this year.

Variously worded antiterrorism legislation, which criminalizes actions such as criticizing the government and "disobeying the law," has taken before the Court a number of lawsuits.

The government claims that the specialty court meets all criminal courts' laws and practices and that complainant, prosecutors and relatives are required to be present at trials.

Amnesty International has nevertheless reported that it has recorded many examples of hidden courts.

Attempts at challenging the decisions of the court were rendered even without the participation or intervention of the suspects and their attorneys behind closed doors.

An unidentified source understanding the case claimed al-Haidar was not allowed to see his counsel to address the allegations he faced. he was unidentified. The case was addressed.

His wife and two-year - old son remain here, Al-Haidar, 35, has been incarcerated after he was arrested 17 months ago in Saudi Arabia.

The writer from Washington wrote on Tucker, AP National Security.