Merkel: Germany can avoid second coronavirus lockdown

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday she needed to do whatever it can to stop another national lockout as the numbers of coronavirus infections increased in Europe's largest economy again.

'A second nationwide shutdown, we all hope to stop because we will do it,' said Merkel, noting it citizens understood even better than they understood in March when a nationwide blockdown was introduced on how to defend themselves and the health system.

In order to control the spread of the coronavirus over the autumn and the winter, Merkel and the representatives from the 16 states in Germany have decided to reduce the number of talks, and to finish off anybody who disregards tracking laws.

The German leader said on Tuesday it was important to prevent a nationwide lockout at all costs.

Germany has seen comparatively low infection and mortality rates in the pandemic so far by European levels, but Merkel stated that if patterns persist, it will exceed 19,200 a day.

On Tuesday, the world recorded 2 889 new cases of coronavirus, taking a total of 287 421, resulting in 9 471 deaths.

In a Parliament address, Merkel shared the expectation that the current restrictive policies would one day stop in winter to save lives.

"I am certain that life will come back as we knew it, families will rejoice again, and there will once again be parties, plays and soccer stadiums," she added.

"And it is going to be a pleasure."

(Michelle Adair; Joseph Nasr 's report; Maria Sheahan's and Paul Carrel's editorial)