Belgium's coronavirus death toll crosses 10,000

By Strauss Marine

BRUSSELS (Reuters)-According to data from Sciensano Health Centre, Belgian coronaviral infection official death toll reached the 10.000 mark on Wednesday.

The distribution of COVID-19 with a lockout enforced during spring, but it also had one of the highest fatality estimates per person in the country, has successfully slowed, home to the EU and the NATO headquarters.

The official death figures were 10,001 Sciensano said.

Average 1,550 new infections a day in the past week have been reported in the world, 11 million citizens, up from about 80 a day in early July.

Belgium removed prevention steps last week, abolished the need for wearing masks outside and shortened the quarantine period for individuals with COvID-19 symptoms amid the rising number of infections.

(Marine Strauss post @StraussMarine; John Chalmers editing)