Tortilla-y Mad: Man Gets Engaged To A BURRITO And Stages Photoshoot

Tortilla-y Mad: Man Gets Engaged To A BURRITO And Stages Photoshoot

Nothing can foil David Sikorsi in his quest for true love

A man so fed up with soppy Facebook engagement pics decided to mock his friends in the most outrageous way he could think of.

That’s right – he decided to obtain engaged himself. To a burrito.

Writer David Sikorsi was getting sick & tired of the love fest on his Facebook feed as all his friends started to settle down & so enlisted photographer Kristina Bakrevski to capture the romantic moments between him & his burrito bride.

And who exactly was the lucky, er, lady? Well, it’s a huge field out there yet David chose a Carne Asada stuffed with French fries & avocado.

If you’re going to marry a burrito, at least make it the best, hey?

Life's a beach when your true love is a sand-wich

The unlikely couple posed in front of some of San Francisco’s most iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge & Ocean Beach, as well as enjoying a champagne picnic together.

David then uploaded photos of the special day to his Twitter page where they have since gone viral.

David, 28, explained: “Ten years ago my Facebook used to be filled with funny, silly photos of my friend’s drunken escapades.

“Ten years after those same people are now flooding my newsfeed with engagement, marriages & baby photos.

Saying it with flowers & flour…

“It’s unsettling seeing everyone around you getting married & having babies when all I’m looking forward to is drink when I obtain out of work.

“Of course, it’s all in satisfactory pleasant & I adore my friends as they find happiness.

“I figured I would share photos of my own current love life with them as well.”

Seemingly going through with his planned wedding, San Francisco local David is now planning for his friends & family to visit the restaurant so they can all meet the burrito.

However, anyone hoping an actual photoshoot with a future partner (once he’s divorced the burrito, natch) will be disappointed as David is not a fan of them.

David Sikorsi has the look of lunch in his eyes

He added: “I always found engagement shoots a bit silly.

“They missed capturing the actual proposal & they’re not the wedding photos.

“But my photographer & I had quite a laugh researching silly engagement photos people take in San Francisco, that was where a few of the poses came from.”

You know EXACTLY the kind of people he’s talking about, don’t you…

Pictures courtesy of Caters

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Source: “Yahoo News”

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