Seal Pup Found in Muddy Field By a Confused Herd of Cows

Seal Pup Found in Muddy Field By a Confused Herd of Cows

That’s not a cow, nope, unquestionably not (Picture: SWNS)

A herd of cows came across a lost seal pup in a muddy puddle in their field only to be spotted by a birdwatcher walking past.

Retired bird enthusiast Ian Elliswith RSPB staff warden Toby Collett found the seal pup while witnessing cows acting oddly near a bird sanctuary in the Wash in Lincolnshire alongside 

Mr Ellis, 67 said: ‘There are seals on the edge of the marsh yet it was the way the cows were so inquisitive that made me look.

‘Toby picked up the seal & I put it in my coat & carried it to the car park all the way down the sea bank to be rescued.’

Celebration the seal pup in the muddy puddle (Picture: SWNS)

He went closer & realised the mother was nowhere to be seen & contacted the reserve wardens & the Natureland seal sanctuary in nearby Skegness.Natureland experts told Ellis how to move the pup safely as they sent staff to collect her.

The lucky pup has now been named ‘Celebration’ to mark Natureland’s 50th anniversary & she is now recovering at the centre. 

Celebration the pup after being rescued & cleaned (Picture: SWNS)

Natureland director Richard Yeadon said: ‘We think she received separated from mum & obtain caught in the tide & then became stranded when the tide went back out again.

‘Cows are quite inquisitive so they were pushing her around a bit, so she wasn’t injure at all. Once we received her back to Natureland she went straight into the Seal Hospital to commence treatment.

‘Her main problem is that at only five days old she was orphaned & therefore had not fed for a while, she had lost quite a lot of weight & was dehydrated.’

The centre will care for Celebration until she reaches 60lbs in weight & can feed by herself in the water – when she will be reintroduced into the wild.

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Source: “Yahoo News”

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