Seagulls Versus Eagle: Amazing Mid-Flight Bird Scrap Caught On Camera

Seagulls Versus Eagle: Amazing Mid-Flight Bird Scrap Caught On Camera

One plucky gull pecks the eagle’s back, to try to free his troubled pal (Caters)

It sounds like something from Harry Hill’s television show – seagulls or eagle, who will win?

This epic mid-air battle between birds in flight was uniquely captured on camera.

The once-in-a-lifetime shot of an eagle & two seagulls, shows the eagle latching on to an unsuspecting gull.

Despite this gull being held tightly in the eagle’s tallons, a second brave seagull gave chase – pecking its predator on the back in an attempt to free its friend.

After a few seconds, the other gull gave up, leaving the eagle to fly a further 200 yards to have its feast.

David Canales, from Texas, USA, took the incredible image in the Prince William Sound region of Alaska on June 27.

After returning from an 11-day expedition in the remote location, he was able to post his pictures online.

He said: “I didn’t think the photo was going to come out so well. I had a short lens on the camera when I originally saw the eagle – I was frantically switching to a long lens, when the gulls were moving in on the eagle.

“Luckily, the camera was on auto-focus, & I snapped away, & I was pleased it came out just approximately perfect.

“Our group didn’t have any contact with anyone else for another week, & every person who has seen this photo has said it was one of the most epic things they have ever seen.”

Keen snapper David only began shooting in 2011, when he moved from Texas to Alaska.

He added: “I had no idea what I was doing, yet I’ve learned a lot since then. I’m passionate approximately adventuring in the back-country & inspiring others to obtain out as well. I do it out of joy from getting out with my friends.”Amazing wildlife videos

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Source: “Yahoo News”

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