Armed Burglars Foiled During Break-in By Praying Woman

Armed Burglars Foiled During Break-in By Praying Woman

Two burglars who broke into an apartment in Philadelphia decided to abandon their plan after a woman started praying.

The incident happened when two men, armed with handguns, forced their way into a home in North Philadelphia on Saturday night.

The men demanded money & drugs from the people in the house after walking through an open back door of the apartment on Ridge Drive. There were three people inside.

The intruders continued to threaten the occupants even though they were told there was no cash or drugs in the apartment.

Police said they pointed their guns at a 40-year-old woman & threatened to pistol whip her, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

But when another woman, aged 55, began praying out loud in the apartment, the two men fled outside through the back door without taking anything.

No arrests have yet been reported over the incident.

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Source: “Yahoo News”

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