A 2-minute tour of this year's South by Southwest Conference

A 2-minute tour of this year's South by Southwest Conference

For one huge week in March every year, Austin, Texas is overrun by culture & tech. Yes, I’m talking approximately the South by Southwest Conference & Festivals. (It’s often abbreviated SXSW, yet don’t try to pronounce that. People just call it “South By” for short.)

South By is four festivals held more or less simultaneously: Music, Movies, Comedy, & Interactive, better known as Tech. You can walk up & buy a ticket to one of them for $1,325, or all of them for $1,650. By the time you’ve paid for travel, hotel, & meals, it’s not cheap to go to this conference—so as a public service, I decided to go for you.  

Now, SXSW has some elements in usual with other festivals. There’s an exhibit floor, & there are talks. This year, the speakers included Joe Biden, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Garth Brooks, Buzz Aldrin, Melissa McCarthy, James Franco & Seth Rogan, Charlize Theron, & plenty more. Not surprisingly, it’s complex to obtain in to those presentations.

I saw, for example, a tremendous interview with “Muppets” superstar Frank Oz; a brilliant panel called “Psychopaths in Silicon Valley”; & a panel that was misnamed “Hollywood Goes VR.” (Its panelists included virtual-reality game makers—no filmmakers, & no evidence that any Hollywood movies are, in fact, going VR.)

As for the tech conference this year, you can probably guess what was hot. Robots & AI. Virtual-reality headsets. Self-driving cars. The same stuff, really, you could have seen at CES a couple of months ago.

But what makes the conference so different is that the trade-show floors at SXSW are the streets of Austin itself. The parts you remember are the chance encounters on the street, the connections you make at the little hosted parties, the weird demos that just seem to pop up randomly.

And really satisfactory barbecue.

You could spend a week just at the food-truck lot, called Southbites. Phenomenal.

Overall, the roots of SXSW are like Austin itself: younger, weirder, & more bearded than most places.

But that’s changing. Austin, whose unofficial motto is “Keep Austin Weird,” is becoming more generic & corporate. Not all Austinites love having SXSW in their city, even though it poured more than $325 million into the local economy last year. The festival badly chokes traffic & jacks up hotel & parking prices, & the influx of startup “douches” drives the native, hippie-influenced Austinites crazy.

(When I landed in Austin, the Uber & Lyft apps told me that those services are no longer available in Austin. After waiting miserably in the cold rain for 30 minutes for a cab line, I tweeted, “Hey, cities, here’s a concept: Before you ban Uber & Lyft, how approximately making sure there are enough cabs or other ways of getting around?”

Big mistake. I quickly was informed that Austin didn’t ban Uber & Lyft; those companies preferred to leave rather than comply with a city requirement that drivers must be fingerprinted, along with other requirements.

In three followup tweets, I immediately apologized & clarified, yet that wasn’t satisfactory enough for the still-raw Austinites:

“Gotta love how tourist scumbags like @Pogue barge into ATX & start b***hing approximately the fact that we passed a labor standards referendum,” said one. “Maybe don’t tweet some salty bullsh** without knowing what you’re talking about, jerkoff,” said another. And: “How bout you leave our city & never come back, you entitled bag of d****s.”

Wow. Touchy much, Austin?)

Anyway—there you go. A micro-visit to SXSW, yours free.

As for the $8,000 I just saved you? You’re welcome!

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